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Such pastoral solicitude is not only for the good of the man and woman, but it is a sincere attempt to do everything possible to preserve stable family life for children who often greatly suffer after a permanently severed spousal relationship, concretized by civil divorce.

What I’ve said thus far is the proper backdrop for my headline statement that annulment is a concession to human weakness.

Marriage Convalidation in the Catholic Church A detailed article on the steps involved in convalidating a marriage, as well as how to plan a convalidation ceremony, by Kay Flowers (co-author of ) Statement on the Implementation of the Apostolic Letter on Mixed Marriages Statement of the U. This article takes a positive approach to mixed marriages, offering some background as well as eight pointers for helping them succeed.

In saying this, the Holy Father is not impugning the process that faithfully renders authentic declarations of nullity—he’s just placing that process in the appropriate pastoral context that is , in the Church and in the world.It is human weakness that allows a man or a woman to to enter a valid marriage while not really doing so.That weakness requires the Church to re-examine marital consent that was previously presumed valid, to see whether it was.It is true that the declaration of the nullity of a marriage, based on the truth acquired by means of a legitimate process, restores peace to the conscience, but such a declaration …must be presented and effected in an ecclesial context that is totally favorable to the indissolubility of marriage and to family founded upon it.

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