Error updating group repository metadata

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You should prefer Custom Resources for new development.

This warning means that the LWRP does not declare a default action.

One of the cases where this is helpful is where you need to declare a large number of resources that only differ in a single attribute - the canonical example is installing a long list of packages.

differ only in a single attribute - the name of the package to be upgraded.

Foodcritic is a helpful lint tool you can use to check your Chef cookbooks for common problems.

It comes with 102 built-in rules that identify problems ranging from simple style inconsistencies to difficult to diagnose issues that will hurt in production.

Various nice people in the Chef community have also written extra rules for foodcritic that you can install and run. It's easy to get started with Foodcritic in Chef-DK already When you declare a resource in your recipes you frequently want to reference dynamic values such as node attributes.

This warning will be shown if you are unnecessarily wrapping an attribute reference in a string. Chef 12.11 switched Chef Solo to use Chef Local mode which eliminates the need to avoid server specific Chef functionality in recipes. When writing Chef recipes you have the full power of Ruby at your disposal.

error updating group repository metadata-80

error updating group repository metadata-82

You may also see this warning if foodcritic has not been able to infer the name of your cookbook correctly when the cookbook directory does not match the name of the cookbook specified in the include.

You should normally define a default action on your resource to avoid confusing users. This warning means that the LWRP will not currently trigger notifications to other resources.

This can be a source of difficult to track down bugs.

In the first ‘compile’ phase it builds the resource collection.

In the second phase it configures the node against the resource collection.

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