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I started saying, “These are my pronouns.” Do you see Taylor’s ability to see patterns as connected to their gender identity?Taylor has clearly gone on a journey of self-discovery in terms of their gender identity that they’ve had to look at themselves from sort of every angle and grapple with themselves from every angle.Regardless of your gender identity, I hope we can all find adequate ways to express ourselves in emoji," Hunt said. In fact, due to the low resolution displays of mobile phones in the early 2000s, the earliest emoji were actually pretty abstract and gender information was vague and "open to interpretation by the user." According to Hunt, it was only when Apple introduced the i Phone in 2007 that designers took the opportunity to use the screens' fine resolution to include more visual information in their imagery."One aspect of this added detail was to give explicit gender to many emoji characters that were previously agender or ambiguously gendered in other emoji sets," says Hunt.

Vulture spoke on the phone with Dillon about developing their character, gender pronouns, and how the . Was that gaze where you started with the physical bearing of the character? I think that happens naturally for Taylor anyway; Taylor is a sponge for information.The proposed emoji depict a child, adult and an older person with "gender inclusive visual attributes." According to the proposal, the emoji are "open to interpretation in terms of gender without implying masculine or feminine gender explicitly." The proposal was put to the Unicode Consortium by Paul D.Hunt, a typeface designer and font developer at Adobe who's also a member of the consortium's emoji subcommittee.In an interview with EW, you said, “This feels like me” when you read the character. What I meant specifically is that when I saw the breakdown for the character, it said “female, nonbinary.” And I thought, “Interesting, I think I know about those words, but let me do research into every aspect of this character and their world and who they are.” And so, female meaning sex and nonbinary meaning a gender identity that is an umbrella term for people who identify as neither man nor a woman.I just went, oh my gosh, there is language to express something about myself that I’ve always known, but could never put words to. It’s interesting: As much visibility as Taylor is giving to the nonbinary community now that I believe that, as Nina Simone said, an artist’s duty is to reflect society.

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