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So perhaps you’re asking yourself right now; “why would anybody go here to see porn? Unfortunately, Sex Palace is the last one of its kind and it’s located on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in the Red Light District.

” Good question, especially nowadays with the massive availability of online erotic entertainment. The owner of Sex Palace Peep Show has said that he wants to transform this place into a luxurious exclusive night club. Join our fascinating Red Light District tours, before it’s gone forever!

Well, the owner of Sex Palace Peep Show says that’s because some people aren’t allowed to watch porn at home. LOL 😉 Next to that, it’s a lot of fun to see this place in the Red Light District! The new night club in the Red Light District will be named “Muze”, according to the owner.

The visitor needs to insert a couple of Euros to start the erotic entertainment show. In Sex Palace Peep Show Amsterdam it’s two Euro per minute.This peep show is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District.For those who don’t know what a peep show is: A peep show is a theater in which the paying visitor (almost always male) gets to see a person that takes explicit sexual poses.Let a local Dutch guide show you around in the oldest area of Amsterdam.During our tour we’ll show you the Sex Palace Peep Show, the last one in town.

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