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According to the game, Rachel Blake shot this video while in Sri Lanka in mid-July 2006.

She claimed that the information revealed is so damaging that "it will tear the Hanso Foundation apart." She deemed it too risky to reveal in its entirety, so she chose to distribute fragments hidden throughout the internet, and accessed via clues and glyphs.

Only by manipulating the environment, by finding scientific solutions to our problems we will be able to change those core factors, and give humanity a chance to survive.

After the Cuban Missile Crisis, both nations decided to find a solution. Commissioned under the highest secrecy, through the U. Security Council, the equation is the brainchild of the Italian mathematician Enzo Valenzetti.A radio transmitter has also been erected on the island broadcasting in a frequency and encryption known only to us. The transmitter will only broadcast the core numerical values of the Valenzetti Equation. As with all you've already been told, you are bound by your honor and commitment to keep what you are about to hear a secret.In a few weeks, after your induction counseling and survival training, you and your colleagues will be shipped to a top secret facil[ity...] The precise location of the facility is known only to myself, the De Groots, and the few high ranking members of my organization. The answer is simple: Your research is intended to do nothing less than save the world as we know it.

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    Cooper, Hefner and Conrad's elder son, said that he and brother Marston grew up with a framed photo of his mom's nude centerfold in the home.'Yeah, that was weird,' he admitted.

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    The early Pandyas named the city Thenpandya Nadu or Thenpandya Seemai, the Cholas Mudikonda Cholamandalam and the Nayaks Tirunelveli Seemai; it was known as Tinnelvelly by the British, and Tirunelveli after independence.

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