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The series follows the lives and exploits of five teenagers making their way into adulthood in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.FOX8 confirmed in February 2012 a second season was not commissioned.Those wishing to submit a presentation about their research or interests simply need to create a Power Point presentation and record their narration for each slide. Slide Casting is the ultimate way to create a captivating presentation that reaches an expanding, broad audience in the area of nano. The producers of this TV show exploit the female actresses on this show.Note: You will need to create a log-in and sign in to the site before you can add content Thank you for your participation—we really appreciate it!We encourage you and your colleagues to participate by uploading your bios, information on your institution, articles, podcasts, Slide Casts, or book ideas.

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Tammy and Ed have been friends since they were five years old.

These pages will be sent back to you for your approval, and will then be posted to Nano Science Works.

This process should take approximately six to eight weeks. News item – We strive to provide the most up-to-date nano news and research on our site.

This paper combines professional experience and literature reviews from multiple disciplines to provide a contextual overview of recommendations and findings for effective and engaging videos.

The tools for tutorials appear in five main categories: screencasts, slidecasts, live action video, animation, and interactivity.

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