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However wives tend to have a great deal of influence as they are generally in charge of the house and are the primary caregivers.

This guide sets out essential information for British nationals residing in or planning to move to Solomon Islands including advice on health, education, benefits, residence requirements and more.

75 years on, this year (2017), the country will be celebrating 75th Anniversary of the Pacific War to commemorate those who lost their lives during the battle.

Relationships, Marriage, & Family Life in the Solomon Islands Dating in Solomon Islands is closely watched as girls are expected to be virgins on their wedding nights.

Some of the women profiles you see here might be scams to collect money.

Solomon Islanders helped Americans to stop Japan from invading the Pacific and Freedom was won.

Today this is still true, but restrictions have been lifted on most accounts (for example girls engaged to wed are no longer kept in cages or huts to maintain their purity).

Despite the lift on many restrictions dating is still often overseen by a chaperone and couples typically do not marry without permission of their families; in some rare instances arranged marriage is still practiced.

Shell money is still used today in the modern society for settling disputes, bride price and as gifts.

Location: Honiara, Gizo and Munda Start Date: 1st August End Date: 9th August Solomon Islands Coast Watchers saved Guadalcanal and Guadalcanal saved the Pacific.

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