Validating ip address in java

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Few days back, I wrote a program to resize image in java.

My actual program was to resize all the images in a directory and then upload to FTP server using Apache Commons Net API.

Download jtds-1.2.7library file and add it to our application. Method : package hitesh.sqlapp; import android.annotation. Result Set is used for confirming whether the user exist with the respective User ID and Password.

This library file helps in connecting ANDROID and MS SQL Database. un – Username of the database (yours will be different).

After this, create a new class file with name Connection and declare following string variables : Connection ip – The IP address or server name of your PC or server where your database is stored.

Driver Manager; /** * Created by h-pc on 16-Oct-15.

You can get these details when you create an FTP user.

Make sure you provide FTP Host, user and password details correctly in the program.

Recently I was working in a web project where I had to upload a lot of images to the FTP server. Play around with the code, I hope you will find it useful and easy to understand.

In Java 7 or earlier, It is not possible to provide method implementations in Interfaces. In Java SE 8, We can provide method implementations in Interfaces by using the following two new concepts: NOTE:- For more information about FP, IP and OOP comparisons, Please go through my previous post at: “Compare FP, OOP(IP)”Java’s OLD Java Date API means Date API available before Java SE 8 that is Date, Calendar, Simple Date Format etc.

Java’s Old Date API has the following Issues or Drawbacks compare to Java 8’s Date and Time API and Joda Time API.

Java 8 has introduced a new feature known as “Internal Iteration”.

Before Java 8, Java Language has only External Iteration to iterate elements of an Aggregated Object like Collections, Arrays etc.

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