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Internal DTDs are often supported in XML processors; external DTDs are less often supported, but only slightly.

Most large XML parsers, ones that support multiple XML technologies, will provide support for DTDs as well.

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These constraints are generally expressed using some combination of grammatical rules governing the order of elements, Boolean predicates that the content must satisfy, data types governing the content of elements and attributes, and more specialized rules such as uniqueness and referential integrity constraints.

For WXS validators that will follow a URI to an arbitrary online location, there is the potential for reading something malicious from the other side of the stream.

W3C XML Schema does not implement most of the DTD ability to provide data elements to a document.

There are languages developed specifically to express XML schemas.

The Document Type Definition (DTD) language, which is native to the XML specification, is a schema language that is of relatively limited capability, but that also has other uses in XML aside from the expression of schemas.

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